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In an effort to meet all our client’s needs (large and small) DCM Construction introduced Dimension Maintenance in 2003.  Our client’s desire to maintain a clean, consistent operation was an opportunity to multiply our value. We responded!

Since its inception, we have grown from maintenance to remodels. Our expertise in construction and knowledge of our client’s operations has enabled us to grow successfully.  We offer exceptional service work, repairs and rapid response to all your warranty claims.  Whether you have an issue that is covered under warranty, or are doing a simple update like a new air conditioner, repainting the front entrance or repairing broken fixtures, the Dimension Maintenance team has experienced professionals to handle any project, large or small.

DCM is relationship driven – therefore we stand behind our work! We welcome you to introduce your maintenance and remodel needs to our staff. Contact us at ServiceDCM@aol.com.

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